Hi, I’m Lena!

Lena Rivo

I am a professional painter with more than a decade of experience. Anything observed in this amazing world can become my subject. I always try to convey the illusion of light and atmosphere in my paintings and get the most from the colors on my palette. I paint with oils, acrylics and gouache. I use the same painting approach with any of these mediums. Having used gouache for several years now, it has gradually become my favorite painting medium. Its vibrant, deep and solid colors give me full freedom to capture the beauty of nature. I’ve been painting for almost 15 years, most of which I’ve spent experimenting with different mediums and styles trying to find the perfect visual language and painting medium to more beautifully portray reality with paints. I live in the amazing Portugal and am endlessly inspired by its sunny landscape, cozy villages and the blue waters of the ocean.


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